Reiki is one of the oldest forms of alternative therapies known to mankind. Being the daughter of the first Reiki masters in India, Dr Shamal Durve and Mr Pradeep Durve, I have been practising Reiki since my teenage years. As a child, I was at the receiving end of Reiki healing because of my parents. Everyone in my circle of acquaintance while growing up was either a Reiki student or master. I was 6 when I started learning Reiki and since then I have been using this wonderful healing therapy. My job as a Reiki healer is to be a medium between you and the universal energy. Reiki helps the body in its natural healing process by sending charged energy through the healer. How to channelise this universal energy can be learned, and with it you can help heal yourself and others. As a Reiki healer, I can give one-on-one healing sessions or give distance Reiki. Healing through Reiki is a 21-day process. Each session is of 75 minutes.

My teacher for Reiki is Dr Shamal Durve of Reiki India Research Centre.