Inner Child Therapy

Inner Child Therapy is also called Inner Child Healing or Coaching. It involves going back to the issues you faced as a child. In the Laii Sorcerer Inner Child Healing Workshop, I follow the tenets of Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life. Hay says that there is a child within each of us who needs love and acceptance. There is also a parent within each of us who is constanly scolding our inner child. Inner Child Therapy helps in gaining an equilibrium between the inner parent and child so that we learn to accept and love ourselves unconditionally.

Laii Sorcerer also offers one-on-one Inner Child sessions, where I coach you to deal with your current life issues. During the therapy, I shall take you back to some of the key incidents from your childhood that might have had a long-standing impact on your psyche. Children are highly persceptive. They form certain notions – both good and bad – based on whatever is happening around them and the way they are treated by their parents. These preconceived notions often dictate the way we live our adult life. An Inner Child Therapy session with Laii Sorcerer will enable you to learn to parent your inner child. The session will help the inner child understand that his/her notions are interpretations based on childhood circumstances and they don't hold true today. Today, in my present grown up life, I can change my mindset and my reality, free from the bondage of childhood prejudices, and live my life the way I want. That's the ultimate aim of Inner Child Therapy.

Our Inner Child is most affected by our parents and we tend to take on their traits exactly as is or go in the exact opposite direction. To give you an example, if your mother was a dominating character, you will grow up to be equally dominating or become a completely subservient person. There is no in-between. Inner Child healing will help you reach your authentic self. You are no doubt the best genetic combination of your forefathers and your parents, but there is a unique aspect to you, which makes you 'you.' That's the aspect that Inner Child healing will help nurture and polish.

Inner Child Therapy helps those who are facing inexplainable problems in their love life, relationships, career, money and health. It is especially helpful to those whose problems arise from certain personality traits. For instance, you are someone who gives away your power very easily. So, your problem on the surface might be lack of progress in professional life or discord in your marital life but the underlying cause might be the fact that you easily give away the remote control of your life to others. 

Laii Durve with Heal Your Life Teacher training participants