Past Life Regression is a healing technique that makes use of hypnosis to help the person retrieve memories from his past lives. It is generally useful for people who are facing undesirable situations in a loop or have noticed some kind of recurring patterns in their present life. It also helps those who have profound questions about the way their present life has panned out. A lot of people have a set pattern about relationships or finances or even regarding intimacy and love. Mysterious occurences, set patterns and seemingly illogical reactions have their roots in your past lives, and PLR therapy can help you unravel them.  

The concept of rebirth is not supported in many religions, and you need not believe in it to practice PLR. While undergoing this therapy, you can imagine that you are seeking answers from a parallel universe or through dreams. 

Laii Sorcerer offers you one-on-one Past Life Regression sessions. It is a three-day process. Once you know the question or problem for which you seek answers, I use a tried-and-tested technique (not hypnosis) to regress you. As a facilitator, I am your only point of contact as you regress into your previous lives. Throughout the session, I shall keep asking you questions and you shall seek to find the answers in the images that you will be re-living in your mind. Each day the process takes 2-5 hours. Here's a break up of the three-day PLR therapy process:

Day 1: Age Regression (takes you back in time in this birth, also called as womb regression)
Day 2: Past Life Regression
Day 3: Progression (probable future)

As a facilitator, I guide you during regression by asking questions and encouraging you to describe what you see in detail. Not everything that you see is relevant to your present crisis. In such a scenario, I will guide you to move on till you find what you are looking for. The person who is regressed may not understand everything that he/she sees, and that's where I step in with my interpretations. A word of caution – not everyone is able to regress in the first attempt and a thorough consultation is a must-do before a PLR session.