Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy is an alternative form of therapy that involves working with Guardian Angels and Archangels. It is NOT based on any religion. Every religion or religious books around the world have confirmed that the human being in one of God's most special creations. That's why we have a unique support system for us in the omnipresent realm. This support system is comprised of guiding angels. 

Sometimes when life throws challenges at you, you are overwhelmed by them. What you need at such a time is divine intervention. Getting help from the angels is not difficult – all you need to do is invoke them. Once you invoke them, they work with the Universe to help you out. You may feel their presence or see their handiwork through signs and unexpected circumstances. You may suddenly meet the right person or work out a solution for the problem at hand.

Angel Therapy Workshop

I am an Angel Therapy practitioner, certified by Doreen Virtue as well as the Diana Cooper Foundation. The basic Angel Therapy Workshop by Laii Sorcerer is a one-day session, which makes you aware of angels and teaches you how to invoke them. Through the workshop, you understand how gentle yet strong the angelic support system is and how reliable it is for you on a day-to-day basis. 

We communicate with angels in a private language. It is intrinsically known to us when we take birth. However, due to the distractions of the world around us, we forget it. A basic Angel Therapy Workshop with Laii Sorcerer will help you re-learn that language. I will teach you how to decode angelic signs and interpret them. Such is the power of angels that once you start communicating with them, you shall instantly know that you were never alone – angels were with you always! The Basic Angel Therapy Workshop also teaches you Angel Card reading.

The Advanced Angel Therapy Workshop by Laii Sorcerer is based on the tenets of Diana Cooper Foundation. Getting certified by Diana Cooper Foundation made me understand that Angel Therapy is not only about invoking angels but also about transcending to a muchhigher level of consciousness. With the help of angels, you can achieve a heightened sense of self and move from the third dimension to the fifth one.

Laii Durve with her teacher from Diana Cooper Foundation on completion of her Angels Teachers Training course

Advanced Angel Therapy with Laii Sorcerer offers you a method to learn how to ascend these levels of consciousness with the help of angels. This advanced knowledge also opens the realm of the 12 chakras for you. Everyone is commonly aware of the 7 chakras but
raising your consciousness to the fifth dimension opens the pathway of the 12 chakras for you. Advanced Angel Therapy is a two-day course. If you are aware of angels, you can do it directly, without doing the basic course. If you are completely unaware of angels, it is advisable to do the basic course first. 

As humans we are connected with one another on some level. But when we look beyond the physical realm, it is exhilarating to connect with someone who knows your past, present and probably future. We seek love in physical form without realising that we are already blessed with unconditional angelic love. Angels have never taken birth in human form or as any other living being. So, their frequency level is very different from us. They are more attuned toward what is appropriate for you and they know what your agenda is when you take birth. That makes angels the right source of knowledge for us.

My teachers for Angel Therapy are Sunita Singhad and Barbara Howard of the Diana Cooper Foundation.