Family Constellation

Every individual is different. Ergo, every family, which is made up of individuals is different. Yet there is an underlying thread of relationship, kinship and love that keep these individuals together. Family Constellation is an unconventional and effective technique to uncover the hidden dynamics of a family. And whatever you unearth then becomes the starting point for your healing process.

Family Constellation is a three dimensional group therapy that helps resolves recurring problems and patterns in a individual's life. It is based on the theory that the pain you suffer, the challenges you face and the concerns you have regarding your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being are all connected with those of people who have come before you or are with you as family.

Family Constellation therapy was founded by Bert Hellinger, a German citizen. It is based on the principle of inter-connectedness of people, across time and generation. As per my experience, the 'family' in a Family Constellation comprises of people that you consider as your family at present or those that your parents or grandparents considered as family in the past. Irrespective of whether these people are alive today or not, they are part of your 'family.' The connection is not merely physical as it revolves around the identity of the person whom you regard as your family member. In a profound way all living things, social constructs and natural elements are connected to each other.

Family Constellation helps in unravelling recurring problems, including health issues, and getting to their root causes. Many people have been able to resolve severe diseases such as cancer with the help of Family Constellation.

Family Constellation is performed in a group of minimum 6 and maximum 25 people. They may or may not be related to each other. It is a complicated healing process that requires the participant to intrinscially trust the facilitator and others in the group with his or her deepest troubles. It is not therapy in the traditional sense where the healer listens to your problem and gives your advice. On the contrary, it is an interactive session that involves active role playing and dialogue exchange.

As a facilitator, my role is a vital one in Family Constellation as I am responsible for assigning roles, understanding the problems and ensuring the group's participation. The roles assigned to you can be that of other people, inanimate objects, emotions or intangible things. FC aims to address your problem based on the principles of belonging, balance and order. It helps break patterns that run through generations and the cyclical loops of suffering that are formed within a family's morphogenic field of energy, which can span across generations. For instance, a grandmother in a family has suffered emotional trauma due to a cheating husband. This pattern is repeated with her daughters and granddaughters.

My teachers for Family Constellation are Dr Newton Kondaveti and Dr Lakshmi.

Laii Durve with Family Constellation and Past Life Regression teachers Dr Newton and Dr Lakshmi