About us

Vision for Laii Sorcerer brand
Sorcerer - “A person who claims or is believed to have magic powers.”

Unlike a wizard, a sorcerer is born with magical powers. At Laii Sorcerer, we believe in magic. However, it's not the magic that you learn from spell books and other magicians. It is certainly not the 'sleight of hand' magic either. Magic for us is the tremendous source of energy that each one of us is born with. It is the force that keeps us going, inspires us to greet each new day with gusto, and empowers us to accept and overcome challenges. And last but not the least, it is the magic of love. 

The vision of Laii Sorcerer is not only to acquaint you with Laii's magic and healing touch but also to discover the magic within yourself.

Modalities under Laii Sorcerer

How often do you come across people who are identified with their physical condition or life circumstance? A child is 'weak.' A man is 'poor'. A
woman is 'barren.' People fail to look at someone without these labels. It could happen to you, too. You might suffer from chronic backache and suddenly
that pain takes over your entire life. You forget your talents and potential. You become identified with backache. We, at Laii Sorcerer, aim to help cure you
of the backache by getting to its root cause and allow your mind to freely explore your talents.

That's why we have a multi-pronged approach to healing. A single modality or treatment does not work on all individuals and for all ailments. After a thorough consultation, healer Laii Durve will decide upon the best
course of action for you. She may choose to address your concerns with any of the following modalities or a combination of these – Angel Therapy, Family
Constellation, Past Life Regression, Ascension, Reiki and Inner Child Healing. The modules, too, can differ and depending on your requirement, she might suggest undergoing therapy, attending workshop or having a one-on-one session with her.

Each one of us is on his or her journey and it is not an easy one. We have our own set of challenges and shortcomings. Self awareness and realisation of true potential are key to physical, mental and spiritual growth. Therefore, it is the vision of the Laii Sorcerer brand to help you reach your 'self' completely, to realise your 'true potential' and to achieve a 'mind-body-spirit balance'.