Laii Durve's Profile

Laii Durve is a healer with a spiritual and multi-pronged approach to healing. Her desire to heal people, mentally and spiritually, stems from a deeper understanding of human suffering and perseverance. This understanding has led her to master multiple modalities, which help
her reach out to people on different levels of awareness. She has brought all the modalities under the umbrella of Laiii Sorcerer, which allows her to offer workable solutions to people as per their requirements.

Laii is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, with certifications from both Doreen Virtue and the Diana Cooper Foundation. She has been practicing and conducting training in Angel Therapy for the last five years. She undertakes training sessions and workshops for those interested in learning about Angel Therapy. Her sessions include modules such as Basic and Advanced Workshops, Angelic Connections, Angelic Manifestations, etc. She also conducts one-onone Angel Card reading sessions (in person or over Skype).

She is amongst the first batch of trainers who has received certification for Family Constellation. She has been successfully conducting closeknit sessions on Family Constellation and spreading the word about this unique healing process. While it is still a relatively new concept in India, it is gaining traction, thanks to Laii's efforts. Participants in Laii's Family Constellation sessions have had life-altering experiences and give Laii due credit for the 'healing' that has taken place in their lives.

Laii is a trained Inner Child and Ascension healer as well. She provides one-on-one sessions under both modalities. Being born to Reiki masters – Dr Shamal Durve and Mr Pradeep Durve – Laii has been practising Reiki since she was eight. Today she helps people heal with Reiki – both personal and distance.

Laii has also made Social Media a mode of healing, which is evident in the growing popularity of her special WhatsApp sessions such as Money Manifestation and Heal Yourself. Laii is a healer and entrepreneur and it is her vision to provide every man, woman and child with a healing touch that will propel spiritual growth in each one of them.