Your car might be the latest model and be fully-loaded with amenities, a slight twitch in its wheel alignment is enough to throw it off the track. Similarly in your life your body and mind might be focussed on a certain goal but your spirity might be on a different frequency and it would have a serious impact on you. Just as with a car's mechanism and its wheels, it is important for your body mind and soul to be aligned with one another. That's the purpose of Ascension Therapy.

Propounded by healer St Germain, Ascension Therapy relies on the help of Ascended Masters and Archangels to resolve your conflicts. As an Ascension master, I am equipped to carry out the therapy and raise your spiritual awareness. Ascension is all about spiritual upliftment. It comes from the word 'ascending,' which translates to 'going higher.' Only in case of Ascension the path of growth in spiritual. In an Ascension Therapy workshop with Laii Sorcerer you will also get to know more about different kinds of rays. We also connect with spiritual beings from various other dimensions who help in our upliftment process. It is said that known and unknown energies are helping us all the time. During Ascension Therapy, we tap these energies and work on our spiritual growth.

My teacher for Ascension Therapy is Barbara Howard of Diana Cooper Foundation.

Laii Durve with Ascension Therapy teacher from Diana Cooper Foundation