Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading involves different decks of Angel Cards that enable the reader to answer the client's questions about his or her life. The client should be 18 years or above. Generally card readings are for someone who is facing certain problem in life. But it can also be used to gain guidance, assurance or suggestions on the best course of action. It is not be construed as prediction but rather as a helping hand.

At an Angel Card Reading, the client comes in and puts forth his/her queries. After listening patiently to them, I pull out cards from different sets and interpret them. Co-relating the different cards and connecting the dots, I am then able to give the client a final answer to their question. The answer is not always a 'yes' or 'no.' Quite often it is an explanation, suggestion or eye-opening statement for the client.

The interpretation of the cards is not entirely as per my limited understanding. On the contrary, it relies completely on the vast knowledge and understanding of the Angels. As a chosen medium, I channelise Angelic energies to interpret the cards and answer your questions.

An Angel Card Reading session is either 30 or 40 minutes of duration (different charges apply). For appointments, call 9820610859 or email